International Academic Conference on “Fleeing Conflict—Trajectories of Displaced Persons”, Bonn (3 November 2016)

On 3 November, BICC will host an International Academic Conference on “Fleeing Conflict—Trajectories of Displaced Persons”.

This interdisciplinary conference aims to contribute to the study of forced migration by presenting recent conceptual approaches and empirical studies on causes, consequences of and solutions for forced displacement against the background of current conflicts and displacement scenarios. Recognizing the agency of people affected by displacement, the conference approaches the topic of displacement from the perspective of the displaced themselves, following their trajectories from their places of origin to transit processes until their arrival at a final destination, be it their place of origin or elsewhere. Hence, (forced) displacement is understood as a number of interdependent, frequently interrupted or blocked and sometimes cyclical processes of departure, transit and arrival.

The conference will focus on the topics of „Causes and conditions of displacement“, “(Interrupted) transit and forced immobility” and “Durable solutions for protracted displacement”.

Programm und Anmeldung