Neuromorphic Computing (NC) exploits properties of the biological brain for the design of computer hardware and software.

The NC dedicated BMBF sponsored projects NEUROTEC (Neuro- inspired Technology of Artificial Intelligence for Future Electronics) and the cluster4future NeuroSys (Neuromorphic Hardware for Autonomous Artificial Intelligence Systems) invite you to inspiring talks about the roots of NC in neuroscience, technology advances in hardware and software towards high potential fields of AI applications.


Flyer zur Veranstaltung:

Opening Event (Tuesday, August 29th, 2023)

6:00 pm Opening Lecture

7:00 pm Gettogether Dinner

Main Event (Wednesday, August 30th, 2023)

8:00 am Start

7:00 pm End

Besides the highlights‘ presentations of the projects NEUROTEC and NeuroSys, high-level experts from science, business and politics will give presentations on the above-mentioned topics throughout the day. During the coffee and lunch breaks, there will be poster presentations and start-up booths, plus the opportunity to networking. The event will be rounded off by a panel discussion on the topic Upcoming Talents. A detailed agenda will be provided in due course.


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