Deutsche Welle’s Global Media Forum is the only international media conference that brings together decision-makers and influencers from the worlds of journalism, digital media, politics, business, civil society and academia. The 2018 GMF offers a unique interdisciplinary approach to tackling one of the defining challenges of our time: global inequalities. There are inequalities everywhere – some highly visible, others obscure and insidious. From institutionalized racism to income inequality, the digital divide and power imbalances – inequalities are deeply rooted and complex. Are the media up to the task of understanding the dimensions and effects of inequalities? How can technology be both a galvanizer and an equalizer? What is the potential of technology in providing equal access to knowledge and power?

Join us from June 11 to 13 at Deutsche Welle’s 2018 GMF to engage with world-class thinkers and practitioners, discuss the tough questions, get inspired, and collaborate on solutions.

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